Best 5 Screen Recording Google Chrome

Best 5 Screen Recording Google Chrome

Screen Recording Google Chrome


Today, Google Chrome is the most used browser that Google offers. There are billions of people using this browser today. Additionally, Chrome provides you with a variety of strong extensions that let you perform various functions from within the browser without than downloading and installing additional software. You might occasionally need to use screen recorder software to create tutorial videos for yourself or your staff. The software might then need to be installed on your computer. . You will discover some Google screen recorders in this article so that you can record videos.


1- Online screen recorder Wondershare Demo Air in Google Chrome

You can record the entire page or just a specific section of it with Wondershare DemoAir, the most effective screen recorder Google Chrome. You can doodle inside of your recording with Wondershare DemoAir, allowing you to exactly direct the audience.


Key characteristics:

  1. Demo Air gives you the choice to both record your website and video using your webcam.

  2. With the screen recorder addon, you may record the entire screen for free and without including a watermark in your video.

  3. You may publish your videos to YouTube and share your creations straight via email.

  4. The videos can also be shared with Google Classroom.

  5. You are able to record your screen while using your webcam.

  6. Demo Air is that lets you capture only your desktop, active browser tab, or webcam and share the video instantly across several platforms.



2.  Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder Google Chrome



Awesome screen recorder: You may record and screenshot the entire webpage using a Chrome extension. If you need a Chrome extension that also records screenshots and videos of the target website, this is the finest screen recorder for Google  Chrome. With the help of this extension, you are able to record the video along with your own audio so that you can use it to instruct your students.

Important characteristics

  1. allows you to record the camera or only the web browser tab that is open right now.

  2. Include your face in the videos by using the laptop webcam.

  3. Additionally, there are three video resolution options: 720P, 1080P, and 4K.

  4. Easily post your captured movies to the various social media platforms.



3. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Google Chrome



Another free extension for Google Chrome that makes it simple to create stunning videos is Nimbus Screen Video Maker, a screen recorder. Millions of people use this Chrome extension to record the URLs they are viewing on their screens. You can crop and trim screenshots with the plugin to suit your needs. Whenever you like, you can also take screenshots while recording videos. Nimbus-screen-recorder.



1. The addon gives you the ability to record both the webcam and the screen simultaneously.

2-You have the option of capturing the entire website or just a specific section.

3-You are able to record videos using your computer's webcam.

4-You may also add custom watermarks that you have designed yourself to the videos, however this option is only accessible in the premium edition.

5-You may convert WebM to MP4 and GIF formats with the premium edition. 

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4.  Screencast-O-Matic For Google Chrome


the Screencast-O-Matic launcher extension offers a free screen recorder feature as well as a video editor that lets you edit recorded videos to your liking. The google chrome extension offers the ability to record, edit, and share videos right from the extension interface. Additionally, it offers a built-in video recorder that allows you to edit your recorded videos after they have been recorded.



  1. You can record videos for up to 15 minutes without a watermark using the extension.

  2. Anything can be drawn on the screen with the drawing tool.

  3. The videos can have your voice narration added.

  4. You can also use video effects in your videos.

  5. Images, shapes, text, and a variety of other items can be used to enhance the videos. 



5. CloudAPP Screenshots and Screen Recorder for Google Chrome


With the help of CloudApp's screen recorder, you can easily share your recorded videos and capture the screen of your webpage. The CloudApp screen recorder is a free program for basic use, so you can use it for your meager recordings without having to pay anything.



  1. supports recording the entire webpage as well as specific portions of it.

  2. With the brief video recording, you can grab your customers' attention.

  3. HD screen capture is possible with it.

  4. Using your own voice when recording videos is an option. 


Screen Recorder Google Chrome

Capture a video from the camera or the screen recorder (desktop, a particular application window, or a browser tab). Chrome add-on to record video from the camera or capture it from the screen (desktop, a particular program window, or a Chrome tab). Use is free There is no need to register.

There are none Capture countless videos What's fresh - Automatically save videos and restore your recordings following a crash. - Concurrently record sounds from the system and the microphone. - While playing, recorded video can be paused and resumed. - Record the camera and the screen (additional options coming soon). - Before permanently erasing an unsaved video, a warning. 


Best Screen Recordin Software


screen recorder You can record the screen of your computer or use your camera to record videos using Screencastify, another free screen recorder for Chrome. The best feature of this Chrome screen recorder is that you can record endless videos for a maximum of five minutes without any restrictions. Using this extension won't cause you to see a watermark for the first five minutes, but after that it will for free users.

Key characteristics:

  1. Thousands of millions of users download it.

  2. gives you five minutes of free, watermark-free recordings per recording.

  3. With your computer's microphone, you can record audio.

  4. You have the option to record videos in full HD.

screen recording Google Chrome