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Ai Marketing

Best AI Marketing Tools

The use of AI marketing has been widely reported, mostly in the field of content creation. In November 2022, Open AI Chat GPT went viral and within weeks, it had millions of users. Marketing teams were testing the tool's capabilities by writing blog entries, coming up with ideas for campaigns, and creating emails, among other things. Although content-related jobs are currently AI's hot topic, there are many more use cases in a variety of marketing disciplines. In order to make your team more productive, we'll discuss 18 tools you may implement right now.

1. HubSpot AI marketing tools

Cost: None.

Creating content is best for.

What it does: Hubspot's AI Assistant is a collection of AI-powered tools that can help you swiftly design, produce, and distribute outstanding content. It's difficult to produce content. Furthermore, it can take a lot of time to create content that benefits an entire organization. Our AI Assistant makes creating content easier. To generate and distribute high-quality content, it works with all of your Hub Spot tools.

Without having to hop between tools, you can use HubSpot AI Assistants to generate blog articles, marketing emails, landing pages, and more in addition to conversation intelligence. What we love: Hub Spot AI Assistants can help you produce SEO-optimized content, from blog ideas improved with SEO data to producing outlines, content, and meta descriptions that are optimized for search engines.

What it does: Creates interesting landing pages, emails for marketing, and copy for advertisements on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Campaign Assistant will quickly generate engaging copy for a range of marketing assets, allowing you to scale your marketing campaigns more effectively, with just a brief description of your campaign's objective, target audience, and preferred tone. Your procedure will be expedited even further by the seamless interface with HubSpot, which guarantees that a new landing page or marketing email will be created in your account with only one click and loaded with copy created by AI.

What we adore: Campaign Assistant can be used to generate compelling copy in the language of your choice.

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2. Ai Jasper - Ai Writing

Cost: Monthly plans begin at forty dollars.

Ideal for: Generating ideas and content.

What it does: Well, aside from running out for coffee, the Jasper.Ai platform can pretty much do anything you'd think a smart writing assistant should be able to accomplish. You may generate ideas, create first drafts, and revise final posts with the help of Jasper.AI user-friendly interface. They have social media, PPC, blogging, and other template categories accessible. Although it does require some practice to include prompts that yield the desired outcome, is a great resource for overcoming blank pages. Recall that Jasper is built on GPT-3, just like a great deal of other AI content tools available today. With time, its natural writing talent will only get better.

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3. AI Howler - AI Marketing Tools

Cost: $8000 a month.

Ideal for: Press release targeted marketing.

How it operates: searches a database of 600,000 journalists to identify those who, based on their prior writings or publications, fit your sector and specialty. Pitches flood the inboxes of journalists. Your team can improve the likelihood that your email won't wind up in the trash by using Howler.AI. Similar to that, a hyper-targeted strategy can guarantee that you connect with the journalists' current readership. What we adore: Howler AI can assist you in crafting and refining your pitch to help you generate attention.

4. Revenue AI 6Sense for Marketing

Cost: There are versions that are free. You can inquire about pricing.

Ideal for: Prioritizing and targeting accounts.

What it does: By using artificial intelligence (AI), it analyzes audience data to provide insight into the anonymous buying team's research, helping to prioritize accounts and concentrate resources. Knowing who in your addressable market is genuinely searching for a change can transform marketing from a wild goose chase into a predictable pipeline when just a small portion of your entire addressable market is buying at any given time. 6Sense, a long-time competitor in the intent data field, now uses AI to go through the vast quantity of intent data and reveal insights that may be put to use. Your team will be able to concentrate on the tasks that have the greatest potential at all times. What we adore: 6Sense can help you link purchasing signals to accounts across platforms and devices.

5. Adverity - marketing tools

What it does: Brings all marketing data from many sources—including campaigns—under one central location so that analysis is simple and straightforward.

Marketers will never claim to have insufficient data. Your marketing analytics are shown in a single pane by Adverity's help. This can help your team identify patterns and insights that will allow you to make more intelligent judgments. The platform also includes data governance. This can help you make sure your data is accurate and comprehensive. Additionally, you can manage all of your data from a single location. What we adore: Adverity's pre-built connectors and no-code templates let non-programmers utilize the platform.

6. Predis

Cost: Monthly plans begin at $29 per month.

Ideal for: Producing content for social media.

What it does: Uses AI to create any kind of social media content.

Users may generate a complete branded social media post, complete with creative, caption, and hashtags, with by entering only a tiny amount of text. With AI, it can quickly generate branded posts, reels, carousels, movies, and memes. Thanks to the content planner and built-in interaction with leading networks, users may publish or schedule content to their preferred social media channels. Ideal for companies trying to save time on content creation, social media managers, and owners of businesses. We adore that it can cut the time needed to make content in half. Integrated AI chat features help generate text. On social media, users can establish posting goals and maintain consistency.

7. AI Social Media Marketing Helper from Flick

Pricing: Plans start at £11 a month and include a 7-day free trial.

Ideal for: Generating ideas and content for social media

What it does: In a matter of seconds, it provides all you could ask for in a social media manager, including content production, idea generation, scheduling, and more. You will get access to a potent AI marketing tool with Flick's AI Social Media Marketing Assistant that is intended to help you expedite the social media planning, writing, ideation, and content creation processes.

In addition to helping you come up with content ideas, the AI Assistant will use your Brand Info to generate the most relevant captions for your accounts, break up long-form content into bite-sized captions, provide AI-generated images in the event that you lack imagery, automatically generate hashtags based on your captions, and schedule your content all in one click. What we love: If you provide the AI Assistant the URL of your website, it will generate content based on your brand voice, audience, language, and other factors.