YouTube Shorts to MP3

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YouTube Shorts to MP3

Top 4 YouTube Video and Audio (MP3) Downloader Extensions

Especially since many of the websites that make this claim are untrustworthy or overrun with adverts, it can be challenging to extract the sound from YouTube videos. Thank goodness, if you use a YouTube audio downloader extension, you can finish the job efficiently. There is standalone software as well, albeit it requires more work and resources. Consider using your browser in its instead. We tested all of the popular extensions for browsers for YouTube to see which ones are functional. Go find those songs and films now, and get ready to expand your MP3 collection.

1- The Best Firefox Add-on for YouTube to MP3 Conversion

Right now, YouTube to MP3, a fittingly named YouTube audio downloader extension, is the best substitute for Firefox. It works flawlessly and accomplishes what you need it to. Once you install the extension from the official Firefox Add-Ons page, you will see an MP3 button on every YouTube video you watch. If it doesn't appear the first time, it usually does with a quick reload.

Click the MP3 button to start the conversion. Depending on the length and quality settings of the video, it could take several minutes, but the result is a high-quality MP3 file. After the conversion is complete, the download will start right away and show up in the default Firefox downloads folder. With YouTube to MP3, you may personalise the extension and select the MP3 quality you want, ranging from 96 kbps to 320 kbps. However, the real quality is determined by the original video source.

YouTube converter MP3, Firefox.

2- Best FireFox for Converting YouTube Videos to MP3

Unfortunately, because Google controls both Chrome and YouTube, extensions that steal audio or video from the platform are not officially supported by Chrome. There are a few solutions to use Firefox extensions on Chrome, such as sideloading the extension or utilising an intermediary extension like Firefox. In this case, installing YouTube MP3 Convertor requires installing firefox. As with the other extensions, you see a new MP3 button when you access a YouTube video. This time, it flashes to really catch your eye.

Depending on the quality of the video, you can select a bitrate by clicking here, ranging from 64 to 320 kbps. The download starts on its own and the conversion proceeds swiftly. To the best of our knowledge, the notification stating that installing the Flixmate software is necessary to download the entire song is only an advertisement. The extension worked perfectly on tracks of different lengths without doing anything.

Download YouTube MP3 Converter and Firefox Extension.

3. ClipConverter: The Best Audio and Video Chrome App

YouTube audio download Clip Converter is a Chrome extension. Similar to Foxified, Clip Converter on Chrome requires the Tamper monkey extension to bridge the gap. After installing it, you may download ClipConverter from the same page and sideload it into Chrome. It is best to make sure that there are no active equivalent extensions. Then a Clip Converter toolbar appears, where you may select MP4 (which is what we want for video) or MP3 (which is what we want for audio). You can typically get the file quickly, however it can occasionally be a little problematic and require reloading or reinstalling. The files also have no time limits, though occasionally you might need to hit resume if the download area disconnects.

Now download ClipConverter for Chrome.

4. YouTube MP3 - Download YouTube Videos with Firefox

Another Firefox-only utility, this MP3 download for YouTube substitutes a big red download button for the YouTube logo at the top of the page. We assure you that it exists and is functional, even if you may initially ignore it due to its strange location. Any video from which you want the audio to be extracted can be clicked, and your browser will open a new tab and start the conversion process. To start downloading the file to the downloads folder, simply click "Download MP3." Unfortunately, this one opens a few spam tabs before the download button works, so even if it works perfectly, we can't give it the highest ranking. However, let's not be too whiny—it's totally free.

Using Firefox, download YouTube MP3